Featured Projects

All code, interface/web designs, and controls for hardware shown developed by me unless otherwise noted


A new way of cooling datacenters while recovering energy from the waste heat


Two73 was a joint venture between Autry Industrial, a startup I co-founded, and Nooter/Eriksen, the world's leading supplier of heat recovery steam generators. Our patented Cycle Two73 was designed to provide cooling for datacenters at extremely efficient energy costs by using a proprietary high-pressure CO2 loop to recover energy from waste heat. On this project, I was the principal developer on controls (PLC, ladder-logic), logging (Modbus, Python), database storage (SQL), web interface (HTML, CSS, JavaScript, BootStrap), and HMI (PLC interface).

Python SQL JavaScript HTML CSS BootStrap PLC Modbus HMI


A robotic platform leveraging new technology to automate agricultural work


Our fully-electric semi-autonomous agriculture robot, Mason, was designed using nVidia's cutting-edge Xavier and Jetson hardware and the Isaac robotics ecosystem to deliver key insights to the user about their environment while performing automated tasks and providing hauling and other support in the field. On this project, I was the principal developer on manual controls, automated pathmaking and object avoidance, localization, signals processing (ultrasonic sensors, LiDAR, stereoscopic cameras) as well as interface and lights.

C++ Python Isaac Arduino RPi Linux Bazel Jetson Xavier LiDAR Ultrasonics Stereoscopy


Public-facing company profiles, internal web apps and personal projects


I've developed a variety of fully-responsive web sites and applications for Autry and Two73 along with a handful of personal project web sites and tools. In addition to two public-facing company profiles for Two73, a suite of internal tools for managing various aspects of the business were under development in preparation for rapid expansion of our product if necessary. These applications were largely created using HTML, CSS, and Google Apps Script, a variant of JavaScript with tie-ins to our Google Suite ecosystem, offering seamless login, user and data management.

HTML CSS PHP JavaScript Python SQL APIs Hosting GApps Script GSuite



In addition to my work as a Game Master and Account Recovery Specialist for Blizzard Entertainment's World of Warcraft for roughly 5 years, I am credited on a number of other AAA titles from Blizzard such as StarCraft II and Diablo III for my work as a Customer Support Representative. Furthermore, I developed the game Cube Slide for the Android Play Store and worked on a number of other personal gaming projects including administration of high-traffic private multiplayer game servers and custom scripts/scenarios for Arma 2 and Minecraft.